Triumph Series - Swinget
Triumph Series - Swinget
Triumph Series - Swinget
Triumph Series - Swinget
Triumph Series - Swinget

Triumph Series

$39.95 USD
Transport yourself to beautiful scenes of deserts, mountains and deep oceans with our mesmerizing moving exotic sand art. 

The shifting of sands constantly creates new and heavenly scenes with an assortment of colors. As each scene passes by, appreciate its art and beauty as you may never see that pattern again. 

Feel at peace with these exquisite art and scenery as they bring calming auras into your home. 

With its ever-changing beauty and soothing qualities, it makes this a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a loved one. 

Its stunning features include:

  • Ethereal colors displayed in the sand including purple, pink, white and black.


  • Its size makes it ideal for office furnishings and mesmerizing home decor


  • Picturesque and stylish frame


  • Enjoy the shifting and trickling of sands with flow time that ranges from 15 minutes to 3 hours

A gift that lasts forever and could be adjusted to your own liking.

"Sand Wizard" David Wilson, who has always been interested by science, the universe, and the stars, produces interactive images based on the beauty found in the inherent entropy of material like sand. His patterns, created by a gifted artisan, highlight the concept of being a part of the larger image of the cosmos.

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