Where do you ship from?

We have partnered factories and warehouses in North America, Asia & Europe. 

This means when ordering multiple products some items may be shipped separately as they arrive from our different warehouse regions. 


How long will it take for my items to arrive?

We use a high security checkout procedure on our site to protect both the customer and us. This extends our processing time to 4 days as we fully verify our customers and fulfil orders.

Following this your package will arrive between 4-15 business days depending on your geographic location and availability of stock.


Where can I place an order from?

We ship worldwide, so you can place an order from anywhere!


Where is your company located?

Warehouses and factory contacts are located in North America, Mainland Europe, & Asia.


Who can I contact if I have a problem with my order?

 Contact us at support@swinget.com


How can I pay for my order?

We accept PAYPAL and all Major Credit Cards: VISA  MasterCard, discover, American Express, JCB and many others....


Is the checkout safe and secure?

Our checkout system is McAfee secured and based upon the Shopify platform; the highest security system on the market. 


I am unhappy with my Order, can I place a Refund?

As the nature of our products to not permit for re-use or restocking , in order to protect ourselves as a Merchant, we only offer Refunds on items that arrive in a defective state. 

You must provide photographic/video evidence within reasonable doubt to our support team at support@swinget.com to be eligible for a refund. Once the evidence is received and verified, you may ship the product back to our supply warehouse. 

This address will only be supplied to you once the return case is accepted, at which point the item is received, you will then be eligible for a full refund. 


If I enter my email address will you sell my information? 

We do not sell our customer information. Due to data protection and our company policies this is not acceptable practise. Emails are strictly used to update you on information about your product and others. Occasionally we will send loyal customers discounts and gift cards. 


Will I (the customer) have to pay customs?

For most countries you will not have to pay customs, however there may be exceptional circumstances when this will happen depending on your country and value of purchase.


Where are the Sandscapes made?

The Sandscapes are designed in Germany and are assembled in different countries in Asia. 


Why did my Sandscape have no paperwork with it?

For environmental purposes, we have all our information, including instructions and invoices, digital only.