Featured Collection

Eidolon Series : Dunes of Time Edition (Wall-Mount)

$99.95 USD$200.00 USD

Classic Sandscape

$49.95 USD$100.00 USD

Eidolon Series: For The Holidays

$99.95 USD$200.00 USD

Classic Sandscape : Platinum Edition

$49.95 USD$100.00 USD

Luminescence Series (Limited Edition)

$149.95 USD$300.00 USD

Eidolon Series: The Galaxy and Beyond

$99.95 USD$200.00 USD

Classic Sandscape : White Wood Edition

$99.95 USD$139.95 USD

Eidolon Series : Snow-globe Edition (Wall-Mount)

$99.95 USD$200.00 USD

Swinget was born from the love of sand art, in both its beauty and in the way it makes us feel. Relax, peaceful, safe, and that’s what we believe everyone deserves to feel. 

At Swinget, we work hard to source the most stunning pieces that contain exotic sands to help our customers create the perfect atmosphere within their homes. This sand art has truly helped us embrace our inner peace and we want to pass this feeling of calm on to you.