About Us

My Education with the Wizard

After spending some time working personally with the Wizard, my fascination for sand art was renewed, which I have been nurturing since childhood. An old prototype that David once gifted me can still be found in my apartment, as well as my own advanced collection now. During my time in Germany, I not only learned how to create the works, but also studied the philosophy and history of the Wizard.

An Unbelievable Haven of Peace

For me, sand art represents peace and harmony, as well as elegance and self-confidence. Looking at a sand art opens doors and grants a moment that helps me focus on what's essential and the present. In situations that create stress and excitement, a glance at a sand art or a short maintenance of a Zen garden lightens the mood and I forget everything for a moment, which is often very valuable.

When Art Comes Alive

I love seeing other people look at the pictures with similar fascination and discover something for themselves among the sand grains. Each person sees something different in the pictures and the images always tell different stories after each change. The picture needs a certain attention and occasional maintenance to fully develop and become a long-term companion.